The RUBY Centre

Baby Joseph

Baby JosephJoseph was brought to Rugarama Hospital on 20th January, 2016 by Kyomugisha Phionah, Mutesigensi Olivia and Kyasimire Seseria, having found him at 6.00 am on the veranda of Mzee Edward Rwendeire of Rwamukundi village, Kabale Municipality.
He came with Hypothermia having been dumped in a sack over night.





Baby Mark

Baby MarkMark was brought by a staff from Kabale Regional Referral because the mother is helpless (ISS, TB +ve) and bedridden at┬áKabale Regional Referral Hospital. Mark has no one to take care of him, that’s why he was brought to us.





Baby Peter

Baby PeterPeter was abandoned in Muhanga town council, he was found and taken to Muhanga Police Post/Station by a good samaritan.
The police officers brought him to Rugarama Hospital in July 2015.