Aims & Objectives

The Hospital aims at providing a healing environment for the sick, their families and communities,   motivated   by the   example of Jesus   Christ   and guided by the   Christian social and ethical teachings and principles.

The Hospital shall endeavor to achieve the following objectives:

1. To   provide   affordable   and   accessible   curative   and   preventive   health   services   to   all the people irrespective of their status, tribe, nationality, race, color, sex, language or creed,   the underlying  principle  being  the  propagation  of  the   Gospel   of  Jesus   Christ and to demonstrate practical Christian love.

2. To provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its patients, clients and staff irrespective of their tribe, nationality, race, color, sex, language and creeds.

3. To   prevent   ill-health   from   affecting   the   community   in   Diocese   by   promoting   and providing   integrated   quality   community   health   services   in   line   with   the   stated Diocesan and National Health Policies.

4. To   perform   the   duties   of   leadership   of   the   Diocesan Health System assigned by the Diocesan Health Board.  This  will  be  done  in   close  co-operation  with   the  Diocesan  Health  Team  (DHT),  the  Diocesan Health Board  and  with all the Lower Level  Diocesan Health Units. To   this   effect,   a   Memorandum   of   Understanding   will   be   negotiated   and   signed between the   Hospital  BOG  and  the  Diocesan Health Office,  at  least   every  five   (5)  years, and/or at an occurrence of  strategic changes.    Annually, a work plan and budget for such activities will be agreed upon.

The main duties will be:

a. Being a member of the Diocesan Health Management Team

b. Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the Diocesan health care services based on the National and District health service delivery targets.
c. Support and supervise the   Lower Level Health Units aiming at improving   their performance.