In order to fulfil its Mission, the Hospital will strive towards the following goals:

1. Holistic Approach

The Hospital will   endeavour to   take   the psychological, social dimensions of the   person into account in   all its services.     In this perspective,   the Hospital considers promotion of health and prevention of disease an integral part of its mission.  It will allocate adequate time and resources to these services for its established catchment’s population.  The active involvement   of communities, the political and Religious Leaders,   Church organizations and schools, will be pursued in the promotion of health of the population.

2. Equity and Sustainability

The Hospital will actively   pursue access   to all services for the entire population, of   its established   catchment   area,   especially   for   the   less   privileged   and   vulnerable.     The Hospital recognizes that sustaining accessible and high quality services requires:

  • Good Management and continuous efficiency gains
  • Gaining reputation for quality, friendly and compassionate services
  • Strict adherence to the Not-For-Profit rationale
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Specific skills, well founded arguments and proven performance to access Public and other funding sources.

3. Integration in the National and District Health System

The   Hospital   will   operate   as   part   of   the   National   and   District   Health Systems.   The   package   of   curative,   preventive   and   promotional services, activities and support actions will be in accordance with the responsibilities for the   Hospital’s   catchment.    The   Hospital   will pursue  sound  working  relationship   with  the  District  Health  Authorities  and  all  Health Units   in   the   Diocese/District.  Advocacy   for   catchment  population  and  full   partnership  will  be  based  on  the  extent   and  quality  of  the   services provided, community participation and thorough knowledge of the community needs.

4. Professionalism, Quality Care and Training

The   Hospital   will   pursue   the   highest   professional   level   in   carrying   out   its   services, activities, planning   and   reporting.  Quality care and compassionate,   friendly   attitude shall be the prevailing Rule of   the   Hospital.     Formal   training   shall   be promoted when necessary.     Emphasis   shall   be   put   an   in-service   training   through   the   utilization   of existing   resources   and   opportunities   in   the   Church   and   National   network.

Developments   of human resources for   the preventive and promotive actions   as   well as to strengthen the co-operation with the District will be emphasized.