Strategic Plan

Rugarama Hospital since inceptin in 1983 has been progressive as evidenced by the fact that though it started as a
small health Unit it is now a fully-fldged General Hospital with a Health Training Instiute. Such development could
not have been possible without strategic planning. However, this will be the fist formal strategic plan developed
with the partiipatin of all stakeholders.

The Strategic plan was facilitated by Mr. Paul Ageru of Pagerr Consult who together with the Hospital Senior
Management team engaged the staff the Hospital Board members and other stakeholders to elicit views, ideas and
suggestions to generate the core content of this strategy.

The common saying goes “the world is scientific and is for the organized”. Rugarama stands for quality services
provided while showing the love of Christ. It is against this background that the Hospital Management team
appreciated that if the Hospital was to achieve its vision, it was tie to have a formal Strategic plan that would
position the Hospital as a driver of the provision of comprehensive quality health care in the South Western region
of Uganda.

The Hospital Senior management team would like to acknowledge the Hospital staff and all stakeholders in Kabale
and in the region who spared their valuable time and effort to contribute to the Strategic planning processes. Your
contributions are greatly valued.
Special appreciation goes to the Ministry of Health, the District Authorities and the Diocese of Kigezi for their ever
present support in the Development of the Hospital.
Finally a word of thanks goes to the Hospital Board for providing most valuable insights and suggestions during the
development of this plan and to Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau for the support towards this initiative; this
would take many more years to be a reality if it wasn’t for your support.
The Hospital Management team with the support of the Hospital board is committed to engage all stakeholders and
partners to realize to implement this strategy so as to realize the desired vision.
To God be the glory.

Download entire Strategic Plan.