Ward Complex construction extension

1st floor of the ward complex under construction [Support from Church Mission Society (CMS)]

After completion of the ground floor with Support from LCIF in 2012, the ward complex at Rugarama Hospital stalled for a number of years.

It was not until 1st March 2016 that Mr Stephen Burgess as a messenger of God through Church Mission Society (CMS) brought the good news of financial support for any choice project by the Hospital. The Diocesan & Hospital Administration agreed to use this grant for the Construction of the 1st floor of the ward complex.

This is in an effort to step up Rugarama Hospital’s contribution to the reduction of neonatal and maternal mortality rates in the Country. The delay to reach proper medical services is among the top 3 delays contributing to maternal mortality. With this building completed, there will be provision to have pregnant mothers from areas distant from the Hospital to have lodging facility (waiting) at no cost within the hospital as they approach their expected date of delivery. This will increase hospital deliveries & contribute to the reduction of the current maternal and neonatal mortality rates. This is in addition to the general relief from space constraints that the Hospital has been facing.

1st floor of the ward complex under construction [Support from Church Mission Society (CMS)]

Church Mission Society found the project worthwhile and as upon release of finances, construction activities started on 21st November 2016 and it is projected that the construction of the 1st floor will be complete within a year after inception.

The Lord who begun this work is faithful to bring to completion even the 2nd floor of this structure. We believe him for more provisions for this work.

We thank God for CMS and all its supporters for this timely and lifesaving contribution to Rugarama Hospital.

Gilbert A. Mateeka

Medical Superintendent